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Put the address of your home in the search box to know the most current trash pick up day. Trash must be out a day before pick up. Please use your neighbors as reference. Brown bin for regular trash, Green bin for recyclables.

Click on the link below to see the collection day map.

Waste Pro

Regular Pickup Schedule

Residential curbside collection is provided one (1) time per week. Your collection day is based on your location.

All four (4) Residential services (Garbage, Recycle, Bulk and Yard Waste) with the exception for bulk/appliance special pickups are collected on the same day in Cape Coral. Please click on the appropriate menu item to the left for more informaton. All services start at 6:00 am so all items for collection need to be curbside by 6:00am. Each of the three (3) services are collected by a different truck and may be collected at any time after the 6:00am start time. This means that there is one (1) truck that collects nothing but the Brown Garbage cans, One (1) truck that collects nothing but the Green Recycle cans and one (1) truck that collects nothing but the Yard Waste.

Extra garbage that does not fit in the brown garbage can may be placed out for collection in plastic bags set next to the can. Each bag can not weigh more that fifty (50) pounds and be stacked neatly at the curb.

Remember to keep a three (3) foot clearance between and around each can for collection and that the wheels and handle are to face the house. Please remember to also keep at least a five (5) foot clearance from mailboxes, trees, parked cars, etc.

Preparing trash Preparing trash


Power outages can occur in our area. Please give it time to resolve on its own. Look at the neighborhood to see if your neighbors are affected as well. LCEC is most likely working on it or it will restart on its own. Please call us if you continue to have issues during your stay.

Click the link below to view the outage map in our area.
LCEC Outage Map Viewer