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Property Management

Property Management
Property Management
  • List your home as a short term or annual rental (dependent upon our client's requests)
  • Advertise/Marketing
  • Maintenance/Repairs/Upgrades/Renovations on the property
  • We work alongside Insurance Agencies, Pool Companies, Lawn Companies, HVAC companies, Plumbing companies, etc. to meet your needs on your property
  • Take care of tenants and guests
  • Home Watch/Inspect Home
  • Manage problems when they arise
  • Prepare and provide monthly statements for our clients
  • Direct communication with the property manager via Whatsapp, email, and/or phone
  • Pay property bills
  • Contract agreement: No annual contract. ?From the start date, is not less than three (3) months and automatically renews for three (3) months, unless either party provides written notice at least 30 days prior to the end of each three (3) months agreement period. Let us prove to you of our services, and if unsatisfied, you are not obligated to work with us after a written agreement is made.
  • Short Term/Vacation rental
  1. Check-in and Check-out process
  2. Cleaning between rentals with the help of our cleaning team
  3. Taking care of guests during their stay
  4. Answering questions or concerns 
  • Annual/Long Term Rentals- Screening potential tenants
  1. Verify Income
  2. Obtain credit report (look for prior judgments, eviction history, credit history)
  3. Run criminal background check
  4. Have a stated debt to income approach (ie. rent amount cannot represent more than 33% of tenants gross income)
  5. Check rental references to understand rental history